November Novembre

November 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized Ahoy lovelies! Agent Vulvattack here wanting to share some fall time love. The weather is getting colder and the Sprockettes are hunkering down for a baddass winter! A little over two weeks ago, we hosted an MMR. Braving chilly weather, we rode to a nice covert location in the North. For our ride we had awesome games such as pinatas and super sized twister. Attendees also got our recently composed rad zine full of mindsnax. The zine we composed is the first in an awesome series we'll be putting out featuring awesome handy tips, crafty inspiration! If you weren't there or didn't get one, they will be available where zine's are sold soon! Also... Bike Craft is just around the corner! Come hang out with the Sprockettes at our booth Dec 1st & 2nd. ( more info) The Sprockettes will have awesome new stickers, pathches and other goodies!

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