Gettin’ in gear for the summer!

May 9th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized Hi folks! It’s been a rough few weeks since the passing of Agent Crush (Kiki), one of our longest running members and the most badass lady around. Her spirit lives on in all of us and continues to inspire us to fulfill our wildest dreams. Remember to love yourselves, the people in your life who make it wonderful, and tell them so every day! Also, remember to love your bike. Treat it to tune-ups every now and then, take it out for a solo “date” or spread the bike love to others who don’t yet know of it’s inherent majesty. As the seasons change, so does the ebb and flow of the Sprockettes. We’re excited to be bringing in new super rad bikey ladies and adding more spark to our dynamic! We also have some new material and routines in store as well as adding our own musical stylings to the mix. We’re gearing up for the summertime and looking forward to dancing in this beautiful sunshine. And my, how beautiful it is! Join us for our next performance at Multnomah County Bike Fair on June 29 for Pedalpalooza and be sure to check out the sweet bike rides and events going on all month long. For the little Sprockettes interested in our annual two-day Girl’s Camp, we’ll be selecting the dates in the next coming weeks (stay tuned!) <3 Agent Aurora <3

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