How can I access and utilise Instagram TV (IGTV)?

March 10, 2023 by No Comments

Instagram TV, or IGTV, lets users publish long-form vertical videos of high production value. With IGTV, Instagram users can set up channels and share videos that are anything from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length. Videos uploaded by users with a “large” account size are not limited in terms of length. Users may take use of IGTV’s features to make more interesting videos for their followers to watch. Due to the importance of interesting material on social media, IGTV is definitely something to look into.

Discovering Content on IGTV

You can watch IGTV content on a number of platforms. When Instagram first launched, users could view IGTV directly from the main feed. In early 2020, however, Instagram decided that not enough users were really tapping the button, so it was disabled. Only a small percentage of Instagram users are tapping the IGTV symbol in the app’s upper right corner.

Accessing videos on IGTV has just been easier thanks to new search tools. The Explore Page is where you may look through IGTV videos.

When you go to Instagram’s explore page and select the IGTV tab, the app will automatically compile a selection of videos for you to watch. Also, you may look for a specific video by typing in the username of the video’s author or Instagram user.
Previews in your stream might also help you locate relevant IGTV content. Also, in 2019, Instagram introduced the option to share one-minute clips of IGTV videos directly in the feed. If you share a link to an IGTV video in your feed, viewers will be able to see the first minute before the video automatically pauses and they have to click the Keep Watching button to continue viewing the complete video.

You may keep the video’s preview on your Instagram page indefinitely. The IGTV logo in the upper right corner is a telltale sign of the change.

If you want your IGTV videos to appear in the stream, you need pay attention to the cover photo and the time you upload. Previews of IGTV episodes will now appear in the feed, making it simpler than ever to find and watch the latest episodes from your favourite accounts. Instagram also mentioned that there has been a rise in the production of original content from producers of varying sizes, as well as an increase in the amount of time users spend watching videos on IGTV.

As in the year 2020, Instagram users will be able to embed IGTV videos directly into their stories. Users may add a swipe-up link to watch the whole video when they share an IGTV clip to their story, and the first 15 seconds will play automatically. In fact, you don’t even need to have 10,000 followers to have the ability to swipe up on IGTV videos.

If you’re not already using IGTV, what’s stopping you?

You may be wondering now what the point of using IGTV is.

More and more entrepreneurs and marketers recognise the value of video content. Consumers spend over an hour and a half daily consuming video online, and 78 percent of marketers report a positive return on investment from their video efforts.

The power of video lies in its ability to bring people together and share stories. Visual signals may increase consumers’ confidence in your business since people are naturally drawn to them. Eighty-five percent of consumers have said they want to see more video content from companies since it’s easy to consume and becoming a preferred way of content.

The data demonstrate that videos should play a significant role in your content marketing and social media strategy. With Instagram TV, you can easily incorporate video into your social media advertising strategy.

Setting Up Your IGTV Channel

Okay, so you’ve checked out IGTV and are completely sold on the idea of making entertaining and informative Instagram videos for your fans and followers.
Your own channel has to be made right now! Creating your own channels is as simple as watching IGTV, so there’s no excuse not to get started right now.

When you open IGTV’s menu (by pressing the app’s “Browse” button), you’ll see a little gear icon to the right of the search field. The button will take you to a screen where you can set up your channel. You may have a fully functional channel ready to upload movies to in a matter of seconds. We did warn you it would be simple!

Tips for Using IGTV


Long-form videos work wonderfully for instructional purposes. If you want to explain a process or provide instructions, you may take your time. Don’t be shy about letting others know who you really are. Self-expression at its finest, video is ideal for introducing yourself to the world. This is how you set yourself apart from others in your field that teach the same or comparable material.

Videos For Teaching Purposes

If you have a lot of questions regarding your product or service, you may use these films to provide answers. This real estate agent provides an answer to a frequently asked question about the house purchasing process as seen in the following example.


Get the audience involved by revealing the tricks of the trade. Disney took this to an extreme, but you could also use this to demonstrate the steps involved in making a product, the steps used to complete a task, or even just a day in the life of your workplace.

Presentations of new products

A product preview or demonstration is a great way to build anticipation for an impending launch or sale. Questions and concerns can be answered, product usage shown, and helpful hints and hacks offered to the audience.