An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Ads

April 22, 2023 by No Comments

Instagram is fantastic for reaching your demographic since advertisements fit in more naturally there. Instagram’s infinite scroll allows users to consume more information in less time than Twitter or Facebook’s concentration on text and video, while astute marketers are producing content that people actually like.

However, not every Instagram ad is successful. If you want your Instagram advertisement to be successful, consider the following advice.

Find out who your rivals are

Researching your rivals is step one in every successful advertising effort. If you run a high-end hot dog stand in Portland, you should check out what other similar businesses in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco are up to on Instagram, as well as what the national hot dog chains are up to.

Establish your goals

It’s important to set clear objectives and measure success from the get-go, whether that’s in terms of website visits, video plays, interactions on Instagram, or new followers. While it would be ideal to achieve all of the aforementioned goals, it is more useful to zero down on one.

Learn the inner workings of the advertising system

You can manage everything from your Facebook brand page, and you just need to create one ad to run on both networks. Fail to act in such a way. Instead, run Instagram advertisements independently from your Facebook ads by creating a separate target audience. For starters, the ad sizes will be different (most make use of Instagram’s 1080 by 1080 dimensions), and the same can’t be said for the hashtags or language used. This is not a cookie-cutter method.

Use text sparingly and wisely for the best results in your Instagram advertisement

According to the data, the majority of Instagram users don’t even read the captions. Therefore, include text by writing directly on the image. The problem is that Instagram and Facebook have limits on how much text may appear in an ad, so even if you want to include text, it can’t take up more than a fifth of the picture. Invest some effort on copywriting so that you can get your point across perfectly.

Use captivating images if you intend to include them

Now is not the time to cut back on advertising spending. Spend money on studio lighting and editing services for your photographs. If your product lends itself well to visual representation, don’t limit yourself to a single photo; instead, make advantage of Instagram’s carousel feature to upload many images, or create an autoplaying slideshow video.

Try to get others interested

The element of mystery surrounding certain businesses is their main selling factor. Advertising has always relied on intriguing consumers; it’s all about highlighting the extraordinary in the everyday. However, you need not play Don Draper and try to find some hidden, esoteric significance. Voodoo Games, a maker of mobile games, challenges its target demographic directly.
The mesmerising nature of the game, the realistic depiction of the product in action, and the directness of the 60-second challenge all contribute to the overall success of this advertisement. (The writing, which is almost grammatically incorrect but nevertheless captivating, is really flashy.) Users may click the link and be sent directly to the app store, where they can download the game and begin the challenge in a matter of seconds.

Video plays and app installs are probably two of their KPIs. The number of video views would inform them how visually appealing the game is, while the number of app downloads (from users referred from Instagram as established by a third-party tracker) would be a straightforward measure of conversion rates.

Try to avoid coming off as an advertisement

These examples may look like commercials, but it doesn’t mean they are. Some are just stunning photographs with amusing captions, which is exactly what Instagram was designed for.
Moreover, you know what? That’s OK by TD. We speculate that interaction, publicity, and perhaps new followers are more important to them than clicks. There is no branding or slogan in sight, not even in the text that appears before the break; simply a stunning photo that doesn’t even look like an advertisement. It’s great when people remark and enjoy your post. Authenticity is of utmost importance here.

Keep things as straightforward as possible

The reality is that within three seconds, most individuals will have scrolled past your ad. You have that long to snag them. If you must use an example, keep it simple. Instead, we should learn from Uber’s example and make things easier.
Uber gets right to the point with a brief caption, a tiny rectangle ad, and a spare graphic. They have a catchy slogan that quickly directs potential customers to their sign-up page.

Since there isn’t much to like or comment on in this commercial, Uber is probably tracking click-through rates. Their performance would be measured by how many people clicked to “learn more,” with data from both Instagram analytics and their website used to verify how many of those individuals became paying customers.