Everything You Should Know About TikTok Ad Types

What exactly is TikTok?

TikTok is a music, audio and social media network. From its early roots in 2016 to being the most downloaded application in 2021, the social media network has grabbed the minds of individuals and companies worldwide, spawning an abundance of dances and ‘challenges.’

Users may select from hundreds of audio snippets and videotape themselves lip-syncing, parkouring, dancing, or even acting in time with the sound bytes. Additionally, videos may be altered, slowed down, or speed up, and users could include stickers, trigger a magical effect, or apply filters to modify the appearance of the video.

Videos are limited to 15 seconds in length; however, users may construct more significant “stories” by linking nearly four 15-second parts.

How does TikTok function?

TikTok’s primary purpose is to promote short-term video content, and thus when you log onto the app, suggested video content will begin playing immediately.

Additionally, you may follow other TikTok users to keep up with their content or utilize the search tool to seek up specific challenges, phrases, and hashtags. Additionally, there is a trending section where you may discover new videos.

What are the different sorts of advertisements on TikTok?

Today, TikTok supports several powerful ad formats, including the following:

  • Brand Takeover
  • In Feed Ads
  • Top View
  • Hashtag Challenge/Branded Effect
  • Reach and Frequency
  • Dynamic Product Ads

     Brand Takeover

When your advertisement displays shortly after a user starts the program, it “takes over” the initial screen. Once accessed, the brand can direct consumers to another location, such as a TikTok account or an external website. It’s the right time to buy TikTok fans to manipulate your audience to check the offers on your target page. This ad type is more expensive than In-view ads, and a notable fact is that only an advertiser can utilize this ad a day.

     In Feed Ads

Every in-stream video content ad could be configured in three ways: CPclick, CPM, or CPView. A person must see your advertisement for over six seconds to be counted as a CPView.

TikTok’s ad targeting choices are similarly limited. Currently, the targeting filters allow you to exclude/include individuals based on their gender, age, and location. Additionally, you may apply your customized targeting lists.

     Branded Hashtag Challenge

TikTok’s user-generated content is distinctive, witty, and incredibly viral, which the Hashtag Challenge ad style capitalizes on. Users are invited to engage in a six-day challenge campaign in which they must submit their films based on the given subject.

“TikTok hashtag challenges capitalize on a user’s propensity for creating and sharing content around recurring topics. Brands may increase affinity by transforming their customers into co-creators. TikTok recognizes the ripple impact that a single challenge can have, which is why adding sponsors takes the concept even further!”

This announcement coincides with TikTok’s introduction of Hashtag Challenge Plus, the Hashtag Challenge’s subset that enables users to purchase items highlighted in a Branded Hashtag Challenge within the app.

“They also provide an improved version of the Hashtag Challenge termed the Hashtag Challenge Plus, which is essentially an enhanced engagement solution that increases engagement and user-generated content, as well as sales potential. Users may learn more about the brand by clicking on an extra “Discover” button located immediately on the Hashtag Challenge Section. Corpus states that brands may personalize their Discover Page with various interactive elements (Product Carousel, Discover Banner, Offline Store, Survey, and Related Hashtags).

     Top Views

As with Brand Takeover, this advertisement displays when the TikTok app is launched. However, Top View permits the usage of video content such as In-Feed Video as advertising content.

     Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads re-targets individuals based on their online habits.

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