How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

April 19, 2023 by No Comments

More than 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, making it one of the best social media channels for brands. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to increase their Instagram following.

Is your Instagram follower goal one million or 5,000? You can’t compete without Instagram SEO if you want more followers and likes.

Here are 12 strategies to help you attract more Instagram followers. Click any of the Instagram growth tips for additional information, or read the complete article to fine-tune your existing marketing plan or come up with an entirely new one.

Make sure you have a consistent Instagram content strategy

Without a well-defined Instagram marketing plan and a number of interesting or niche ideas, you won’t attract many new followers. Get started by asking yourself the following

  • Why are you even here?
  • What are some of your ultimate goals?
  • To whom do you intend to appeal?
  • What kinds of stories do they enjoy reading?
  • What is it about you that draws in an audience?
  • You may increase your Instagram following by finding the answers to these questions.
  • Any social listening technology, may be used to gain instant understanding of your target market. Simply jot down a few words that best characterise your business, company name, offerings, and/or other distinguishing features. You may refine your search results by using filters.

Make your Instagram profile as informative as possible

Instagram has improved its search features for both personal and professional profiles. They may now use regular keywords in addition to hashtags while searching the site.

The Instagram algorithm takes into account the quality and category of an Instagram post, as well as the time it was uploaded, to deliver relevant results. What this implies is that you need to work on getting more people to follow your business on social media.

Your Instagram profile needs some TLC if you want to rise to the top of the Explore results.

Look at what you’ve called your Instagram account. It needs to communicate your brand clearly and meaningfully. It is recommended that you stay away from using any numbers or symbols in your domain name. Fill up your Instagram bio with relevant keywords otherwise it will be difficult for users to remember and recognise your account. Explain in your bio why a person should click the Follow button on your profile. Keep your Instagram SEO in mind by linking to a website or landing page where people may learn more about your business or offer (you only have 150 characters to work with). Furthermore, the link will direct Instagram users to your website;

Mark your Instagram profile with a uniform look

Instagram prioritises aesthetics and production value. Users of this social networking site prefer high-quality paintings or other artistic photographs than random, fuzzy snapshots. Keep in mind that you’ll have to compete with expert photographers and videographers for their interest. You will lose the battle for followers on Instagram if your profile seems like a jumbled collection of snapshots taken at different eras and in different formats and colours.

However, if you’re wondering “how to get more followers on Instagram,” shiny material may be the answer. You may choose from a wide variety of homepage templates. Composition, style, colour, format, and so on are all used to set them apart. Because of the visual nature of Instagram, having a unique sense of fashion and an eye for putting it together can surely help you gain more followers.

Try out different Instagram post types

Instagram feeds may feature a wide variety of media. The platform equips users with everything they need to engage with their target demographic and produce visually appealing content that can be updated on an annual basis.

As a result of the Instagram algorithm’s favourable evaluation of your trials, your posts will appear higher in the Feed and Suggested Posts, where more users will be exposed to them. Instagram SEO benefits from a more varied content strategy.

Create your own Instagram sticker packs

Globally, Instagram has around 500 million daily users who all contribute to and view the stories of others. The question “How to get new followers?” might be answered in this way because many Instagram users choose to follow updates in Stories rather than Feed. This is true even among your own group of followers.

Stickers are a popular addition to Instagram Stories, and many users will share them with their followers. Companies make an effort to stay up by offering Stories updated with the latest trends and information.

And don’t just do it once a week; remember that updating this tale daily will yield the best results. You’re not limited to only the pre-made stickers included in the app; you can also upload your own images and GIFs. For Instagram, for instance, you may scan in your collection of printed stickers.

Increase your brand’s visibility by collaborating with influential people

Top bloggers might assist you in attracting a larger Instagram audience. Every industry has its own subset of “influencers” on Instagram, I’m sure of it. It might also be beneficial to form partnerships with companies that are not direct rivals.

You can, if your marketing budget permits, launch a sponsored campaign that includes celebrities. However, partnerships with micro-influencers (those with 10–30 thousand average followers) are equally as effective, if not more so, in expanding a channel’s subscriber base.

Plan your hashtag campaign

Hashtags are the basis for Instagram’s search and discovery features. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to include Instagram posts into it and optimise them for Instagram search engine optimisation. Then, when Instagram users click on the hashtags in related posts or do a hashtag search, they will be directed to your content.

You may use up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post, but it’s best to avoid overusing them. Nowadays, it’s simple to find any hashtag. You may accomplish this with the help of a social listening tool, an Instagram-specific tool, or by hand.