The Complete Guide: Instagram Stories Stickers

April 27, 2023 by No Comments

Stickers are an excellent approach to boost your Instagram account’s discoverability and user engagement by providing more context for your posts. Since Instagram Stories debuted in 2016, the company has made several enhancements to the format.

You may add personality to any of your story posts by using UNUM’s premium Story Collection Templates, and although some stickers are great for marketing, others are just for fun. Increase interaction with IG’s polls and quizzes, broaden your reach with geotags and hashtags, and spark conversation with questions and direct messages.

Read on for a comprehensive rundown of every sticker you may use in Instagram Stories.

Geographical Marker

By promoting your story on the chosen place’s public stories feed, location stickers can enhance your discoverability, views, and engagement.

Anyone who does a location search on Instagram will be able to see your story and engage with it. As a result, you may reach more people with your story because it will be noticed by those who aren’t currently following you.

Refer to Sticker

Stickers are a great way to get the word out and expand your group. When you tag another person in a post, they receive a notification and may choose to reshare your content with their followers. As a result, you’ll get greater exposure and, maybe, more followers.

If you use user-generated content on your account, it is crucial that you properly attribute the original creator of such content. This does double-duty, as it both raises the likelihood of brand exposure and fosters trust and loyalty among your community.

Label with a Hashtag

You may boost awareness and interaction with your story’s content by using hashtag stickers. The hashtag page is where other users may find your story and interact with you once you’ve tagged it with the hashtag. When a user clicks on the hashtag sticker in your story, they will be sent to the hashtag’s dedicated page, where they may discover further content tagged with that term.

Hashtag stickers are great for advertising your company’s hashtag and attracting new customers. You may encourage your audience to interact with the rest of your branded material by using branded hashtags.

GIF Sticker GIF stickers are a fun way to spice up your narrative. Make use of them to draw attention to certain content (such as links or CTAs), advertise campaigns, and inject some character.

You can even make your own public GIFs on Instagram. Because other accounts can easily find and include your own GIFs in their own stories, they are a terrific growth strategy.

Slider Stickers with Polls and Emoji

You may easily conduct a survey of your audience’s preferences and attitudes by using poll stickers or emoji stickers. Best used for interactive content creation, audience feedback collection, audience research, and idea generation via crowdsourcing.

Using poll stickers, you can solicit feedback from your target demographic, get individualised responses, and monitor polling results in real time.

Stickers with emoji sliders allow viewers to indicate their opinion on a given topic by dragging a labelled emoji to the left or right.

Question Sticker

Stickers in the form of questions allow you to pose a question to your audience, to which they can then react with their own question, answer, or even music suggestion.

They’re a terrific technique to demonstrate your personability and credibility to your audience. You may use them to pose questions to your audience and get their input on a variety of topics.

Label with a Countdown

Stickers with a countdown from a specific time and date can be placed prominently in plain sight. Your followers can sign up for a notification when the timer reaches zero, and again when the countdown is over.

Countdowns are an excellent tool for building hype and publicising upcoming events, promotions, discounts, product launches, etc.

Chat Emoticon

One of the most recent additions to Instagram’s collection of Story stickers is the conversation bubble. To invite followers to a conversation, you must first name the sticker they may press to join. After that, you can see which of your followers has asked to join the conversation and decide whether or not to let them in.

Start a “Direct” thread conversation with a group of interested followers by sending them a series of chat stickers. You have complete control over who participates in the chat and when it ends.

Charity Bumper Sticker

Using the contribution sticker, you may organise a mini-fundraiser for a cause of your choosing directly within your Instagram Story. At the top of the screen, you may search for a charity you’d want to donate to, name your sticker, and change its background colour.

When visitors watch your story, they may tap the “Donate” sticker to be taken to a pop-up screen within the app where they can enter their payment information.

Stickers asking for donations are a fun and effective method to spread awareness about causes close to your heart and inspire others to take action.

Interactive, multiple-choice questions may be shared with your followers using quiz stickers. They are an excellent tool for increasing participation, gaining insight, and imparting knowledge to your audience.

If you’ve built up your quiz with bespoke answers, then as soon as a participant chooses an answer, they’ll instantly know (in real time) if they’ve gotten it correctly. The results show the number of votes received by each answer and the individual responses.

Sticker – Tune

If the lyrics are available, you may use the music sticker to display a snippet (up to 15 seconds long) of the song along with the lyrics.

You may change the look completely by swapping around the fonts and colours. Then, readers may discover more about the artist and listen to more of the song by tapping on the highlighted lines.


Stickers work best when paired with an engaging narrative. If you want to avoid having to rely on memory to tell your narrative, you can do it in UNUM’s narrative Space.