How Can I Utilize IGTV for Business Purposes?

IGTV, established in 2018 as Instagram’s response to YouTube. It did not take off as anticipated, though, and you’d have to forgive for excluding it altogether from your marketing effort. However, it is a somewhat helpful tool, and today we will take a deeper look at how you can utilize IGTV for business.

What exactly is IGTV?

To not be mistaken with Instagram Live, Instagram TV is an in-app tool that enables companies and creators to create and share longer-form videos. Instagram Live contains streamed live material, whereas IGTV features a video that has been pre-produced and edited before being uploaded to the app.

The primary selling point of IGTV is indeed the video duration. Hence, utilize this feature and get Snaphappen IGTV likes to take your content to a broad audience. Videos on your mainstream can be limited to 60 seconds in length, but with IGTV, you get 10 minutes. You have one whole hour if you are fortunate enough to become a confirmed user with a miraculous blue tick!

How Is IGTV Operated?

IGTV launched a few years ago, but it was not as popular as its creators anticipated. Initially, a button next to the message symbol at the top right of the screen directed visitors to a long-form video, but still, it did not last long. This year, Instagram eventually deleted it after it became clear that users were not interacting with it. Separately, the IGTV app performed poorly, with an anticipated 7 million of Instagram’s billion users installing it.

While the IGTV app will still be available, the material can be watched and published directly from the main Instagram app, making it somewhat redundant. The simplest method to discover material is to navigate to the Search page and click the IGTV icon. You may either skim through Instagram’s suggested content or look for a specific creator. To customize what Instagram displays you, hover the finger over a posting & wait for the message to appear; you may then discard it, save it, or navigate to the user’s profile. Additionally, you can access IGTV content by visiting someone’s profile and switching from their newsfeed to their Instagram TV feed.

Top IGTV for Business tips

If you’re considering utilizing IGTV for commercial purposes, there are a few minor tweaks you can do to maximize your results.

Vertically shoot videos.

While Instagram permits you to publish horizontal videos, it recommends that you do not. Because most folks hold the smartphones upright, requiring them to rotate disrupts their viewing experience and reduces their likelihood of remaining interested. 

Make use of SEO strategies.

While your video material should be as good as possible, you should not overlook the text boxes. The titles could be up to seventy-five characters long, and the description box has a staggering 2200 characters available – so be sure to pepper in those keywords. As with regular Instagram posts, you have the option of using up to Thirty hashtags, so choose wisely. Finally, regardless of your following amount, you may include a clickable link, so be sure to put your website URL just at the bottom.

Create a video series.

While creating one-off video content for IGTV is an excellent way to grow the audience, you could take it to the next level by launching a series. Consider one huge topic & how you can break it down into pieces. Give it an attention-grabbing, SEO-optimized title and include some teases just at the end of every episode, and your fans will be sure to return for more. Without their realizing it, you’ll become a part of their regular schedule!

I hope these ideas help you in progressing your business.

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