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Instagram polls are a useful way for gathering such information. Asking customers their opinions using Instagram polls is a simple approach to boost engagement and, in turn, brand recognition.

Learn the ins and outs of posting a poll on Instagram, as well as how to maximise interaction and build your brand with polls.

The Importance of Instagram Polls to the Development of Your Brand

Consider Instagram poll questions as a window into your consumers’ minds.

Here Are Eight Different Ways To Frame A Poll On Instagram

Make an adaptable poll on Instagram. You may use them to get people excited about a new product, spread the word about your company, and much more.

So, in order to get the most of Instagram polls, consider these eight tips.

The Most Common Type: “This or That”

Simple ‘A’ or ‘B’ questions may be used to conduct these kind of social media polls to find out which choices your followers prefer.

Trivial Poll Question Number Two

In order to keep your audience’s interest for a longer period of time, trivia polls are a fantastic tool.

But keep in mind that shorter stories that flow into one another are preferable. Alternating the question types you ask is also an option. A ‘this or that’ question might be asked first, followed by a quiz question.

In addition to gauging the knowledge and interest of your followers, a trivia poll may help you gain Instagram’s attention. As a result, subsequent posts could get more attention.

Questions to Raise Anticipation of Your Offerings

These inquiries can heighten curiosity and, in certain situations, help customers see your product as the answer to their concerns. A brand story may help you do this. If you run a gym or sell fitness apparel, for instance, you may promote healthy eating and exercise. They’ll remember you as the go-to place for all their fitness wear needs.

Exam Inquiry

If their audience members answer correctly, they will feel confident in their knowledge and be more interested in participating in future quizzes. In case any of your faithful readers misunderstand the query, the anecdote that follows has the solution. As a result, they picked up some sound financial advice.

Questions Soliciting Opinions

In addition to raising interest and consciousness, Instagram polls can yield immediate user response. To find out what they’re interested in learning about and what difficulties you can help them with, you may just ask them.

The examples below show how companies like Nike might use this method to assess the market for a new product.

To get people interested, they pose a rhetorical inquiry regarding refunded footwear. Nike then proceeds to show multiple slides describing the refurbishing process, interspersed with quizzes, in response to this inquiry.

Trend-Inspired Questions

Finally, you may increase participation in your Instagram polls by riding the wave of whatever is currently hot.

You should capitalise on events that are directly related to your company, such as a fashion influencer conducting a poll about New York Fashion Week. However, it is feasible to include kids if it is a worldwide phenomenon that piques their interest.

You may show off your unique character and get people interested in what you have to say by posting answers to these questions. Posting from a business account has the added benefit of making the company seem more approachable.

The Instagram poll questions are now in your hands.

When creating your first Instagram poll, it’s best to keep the questions straightforward. A this-or-that inquiry or a short quiz on the issues you resolve for clients is one option.