An Ultimate Guide: How To Leverage Hashtags On Instagram?

April 28, 2023 by No Comments

Did you know that 70 percent of Instagram users conduct a brand search? How likely is it that Instagram’s monthly user base of 1 billion will stumble upon your brand? Using Instagram’s hashtags is a shrewd strategy to broaden exposure to your brand.

You should never undervalue the power of hashtags as a method of Instagram account discovery. In fact, analysis of Instagram data reveals that hashtags increase interaction by 12.6%.

You need to develop a solid hashtag strategy on Instagram if you want to increase your interaction. Posts with lots of likes and comments do well in Instagram’s algorithm. Therefore, the more interaction your content receives, the higher its visibility on Instagram. Get your brand noticed and increase interaction with the help of hashtags.

Nike’s #JustDoIt is a great example of a brand employing a hashtag successfully on Instagram. Over 18 million postings have been made using the hashtag. Awareness of a brand or a campaign can be greatly increased with the use of hashtags.

When using Instagram, how many hashtags do you think is optimal?

You can only use so many hashtags in a single Instagram post. Nonetheless, Instagram lets you tag your photos with up to 30 different hashtags. You need not include every single hashtag in your message, though. Instead of increasing your content’s visibility, using too many hashtags can make it look like spam.

According to the data, the optimal amount of hashtags for an Instagram post is between 9 and 10. Instagram posts that use the same 9 to 10 hashtags consistently see the highest levels of audience interaction.

How Should I Use Instagram Hashtags?

Including relevant hashtags in your Instagram pictures is crucial if you want to get discovered. Your Instagram success or failure depends on the hashtags you use in your photos and stories.

The best way to do this is to use numerous hashtags in all of your Instagram posts. You can reach more people from various backgrounds by using a combination of broad and narrow hashtags.

Instagram users can increase their engagement and exposure by carefully controlling their use of hashtags.

Let’s take a look at some of the best practises for utilising Instagram hashtags.

a) Integrate Specific, Relevant, and Trending Hashtags

We’ve already established that reaching out to a wide variety of people is possible with the appropriate combination of hashtags. Put in some broad, industry-relevant hashtags. Doing so will add your post to a collection of others using the same hashtag.

If you want to attract people who are interested in content and/or businesses linked to your industry, you should utilise at least a couple of generic hashtags relating to your industry.

b) Employ Hashtag Branding

More niche hashtags should also be part of your Instagram strategy. You can’t only rely on generic hashtags to get you noticed, even though they can help you get found. By using the same hashtags as everyone else, your post will be buried under thousands of others.

The objective is to use both broad, industry-wide hashtags and more narrow, brand- or product-specific hashtags. Doing so increases the likelihood that your material will be noticed by its intended demographic.

Hashtag campaigns should be run

Hashtag campaigns on Instagram are a great way to step up your game. Get your target audience involved with your brand by developing clever, unique hashtags.

Promote your brand and inspire users to interact with it with user-generated content campaigns centred on a unique hashtag.

Hashtag campaigns are something that Adobe does on a monthly basis. Every month, the company comes up with a unique hashtag for Instagram users to base their postings on. After that, Adobe will share user-generated content on their Instagram page.

Apply a Social Media Analytical Platform

Finding popular and unpopular Instagram hashtags with the help of social media analytics. Use data about your content and information about your audience to determine the best hashtags to use.

You can get more in-depth insights into your Instagram accounts using most social media analytics tools like Unbox Social. Investigate Instagram’s data after publishing any post. Examine the most popular hashtags to see what people are talking about.

Investigate the Hashtags Used by Rivals

Investigating the hashtags used by your rivals might provide valuable insight into how they are promoting their own brands. Since you share a demographic with your rivals, it makes sense to monitor their activity and take cues from the hashtags they’re using.

Your brand’s competitors can be kept an eye on with the use of a dependable competition tracking tool. Keep an eye on the hashtags your rivals are using and how successful they are.


Instagram users can better explore new content by using hashtags. Spreading the news about your brand on Instagram may be facilitated by using the appropriate hashtags in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can utilise Instagram hashtags to boost your advertising campaign:

  • Instagram postings should include 9 or 10 hashtags.
  • Your bio, posts, and stories are all great places to share hashtags.
  • Use both broad and narrow hashtags to increase your chances of reaching the right people.
  • Use branded hashtags to increase brand recognition.
  • Promote your company with hashtag campaigns.
  • Use hashtag tracking software to monitor your social media activity.
  • Explore Instagram’s Explore tab to find’related hashtags. Follow the hashtags your rivals are using on Instagram to figure out what you should be doing.