A Comprehensive Guide: How To Schedule Your Instagram Posts?

April 26, 2023 by No Comments

We’re all big fans of Instagram, but it’s understandable if you don’t always have time to update your feed. Thankfully, Instagram has enabled advanced scheduling of posts via third-party programmes.

A scheduler for Instagram is a huge help if you haven’t used one before. And if you utilise it properly, it will pique your interest even more. Learn how to plan ahead with Instagram posts with this guide.

Can Instagram updates be pre-scheduled?

Though it’s feasible to utilise a third-party Instagram automation programme, Instagram itself does not yet offer scheduling capabilities, despite user demand.

However, third-party apps can use Instagram’s application programming interface (API) to schedule posts on your behalf. Many scheduling applications exist for Instagram, and while their basic functionality is the same, they each have their own quirks.

Instagram: The Free Guide to Scheduling Your Posts

There are a lot of applications for publishing to Instagram, but not many that let you plan posts ahead of time for free. Both Preview and Later are among the top Instagram schedulers, but their free versions are severely limited in what they can do for you.

Both are described below so that you may pick the one that best suits your needs.

Post to Instagram automatically using Preview

Preview is an app for scheduling posts on Instagram, and it offers both free and commercial versions. You may plan posts weeks or months in ahead, upload an infinite number of photographs, and rearrange them for the perfect Instagram feed. Here’s how to use the Preview app to pre-schedule Instagram posts:

Simply launch the app and enter your Instagram credentials to get started.
A window displaying your Instagram feed will open. Create a new post by tapping the plus sign in the top right.
Select one:

  • Select Photos & Videos to upload an image or movie from your device’s storage.
  • Share a number of images or clips from your Camera Roll in a carousel.
  • With proper credit and a paid account, you can re-post someone else’s photo.
  • Cost-free stock images for your Instagram profile.
  • Take Photo will launch your device’s camera so you may snap a picture.
  • Select Take Video to start recording a video with your device’s camera.
  • After making a selection, your Instagram post will appear in the feed preview. Any number of posts may be uploaded, and their order can be changed simply by dragging and dropping.
  • To edit a photo, tap on it, then utilise the options at the bottom of the screen to include a caption, a hashtag, or a filter (the segmented circle symbol).
  • You may add hashtags to your caption after searching for them, saving them in sets, and then using them in your caption.
  • Finally, select a day and time to publish your material by tapping Schedule.
  • So long! Schedule as many photographs or films as you like by repeating the process.

Preview’s free Instagram scheduler has some serious limits

Preview’s free plan is functional, and the programme is generally easy to use. Managing several accounts will require either the pro ($7.99 a month) or premium ($14.99 a month) plans, as this plan only permits posting to a single account.

While the free Preview plan offers two filter packs and some basic metrics, the Repost feature is reserved for paying subscribers. Additionally, Preview lacks typical web browser features. Only mobile devices, such phones and tablets, may use it.

Use Later’s free plan to schedule Instagram posts in advance

including Before, Later allows you to schedule posts on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You may use a computer, mobile device, or tablet to schedule up to 30 posts every month. Using Later, a free Instagram automation tool, is as easy as 1-2-3!

Get the Later app from the App Store, then open it and sign in with your Instagram details.
To add an image, use the plus button on the right side of the screen. The Camera app will launch, and a prompt will appear asking if you want to go to your Photo Library or Take Photo or Video.
Just pick a picture and hit the “Done” button.
To pre-schedule a photo, choose it by tapping on it and then tapping Create Post.
Select an account, then enter your caption.
Select the Next button.
Choose a Future Post Time or Post Now.
If you have a personal Instagram account, you’ll get a push notice when it’s time to post, but you’ll still need to do it manually. You may schedule the automatic publication of individual photo and video posts to your Instagram business account. Once you link your Instagram business account, scheduling your posts is as easy as picking a time and date.

If you capture images with a DSLR and edit them on a desktop, you can benefit from utilising Later as your Instagram scheduler because you can schedule from your PC.

Carousel postings, scheduled videos, and tagging locations and accounts are not available on the free Later plan.

Later’s Constraints on Instagram

If you have previously turned your Instagram account into a business account, the scheduling tool is really useful. Schedule your post and receive a reminder if you wish to use it for a personal account, but you’ll have to manually publish it.

What does it imply when it says, “Instagram will auto post when possible”?

When attempting an Instagram post, have you ever seen this terrifying message? The “Instagram will auto post when possible” error message is a catch-all that appears if there is a problem with your post uploading to Instagram. Possible causes include a temporary Instagram service outage or an issue on your end.

You may do a few things to learn more about the cause of the problem. If Instagram isn’t working, check Down Detector to see if there are any problems.