Reasons Why You Need To Include Twitter Tn Your Social Media Plan

March 20, 2023 by No Comments

Nowadays, one must keep up with a plethora of different social networking sites. So many social media platforms to keep up with, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s also not always easy to determine which platforms are worth investing time and energy into.

If you’re one of the many who’ve bought into the widespread belief that Twitter is doomed, you may need convincing that it’s still relevant in 2020 and beyond. For this reason, I’ll explain why you should make Twitter a priority in your social media plan right now.

The Value of Including Twitter in Your Social Media Campaign

These are six of the many reasons why I believe Twitter is a must-have for anybody serious about their brand’s success in the modern world.

One, it can help you spread the word about your brand.

It’s natural to want to tell as many people as possible about your new company or product when you’re in the branding process. And you can achieve it with a social media plan that includes several channels. To succeed with Twitter, you must first ensure that your intended audience really uses the service. There’s a wide variety of folks hanging out there, so there’s a decent possibility you’ll find your people among them.

Over time, you may amass a dedicated following on Twitter by posting often and interacting with other users. Gaining greater exposure for your brand is facilitated by having such an audience.

Second, you’ll have more options for disseminating your material.

Having a sizable following on Twitter allows you to instantly broadcast your newest posts to your followers. Twitter is often used as a dissemination mechanism for user-created information, such as blog articles. In addition, Twitter might be a significant source of visitors to your site. It’s enough to show up and show off your work.

Third, the best kind of interaction is the one that happens in real time.

You may interact with others on any social networking site, but Twitter has a certain something that makes it stand out. The response time seems much shorter on that platform than on Facebook or Instagram. Communicating with other people is, without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of having a social media presence.

Connecting with individuals all across the world is made possible via Twitter. Here’s another suggestion for improving your social media presence.

The Wonderful Universe of Twitter Meetups #4

Indeed, I’m aware… Since I host a weekly talk on Twitter (the hashtag is #TwitterSmarter), I may be a bit partial to the medium. Yet, a live Twitter discussion just can’t be topped. They’re a fantastic method of imparting information, expanding horizons, and making connections with a wide range of individuals in a single hour’s time.

The trick is determining which discussions are worth your time and effort to participate in on behalf of your company. To what sorts of discussions could you be open to contributing? Consider which online discussions your demographic is most likely to join. Include your search for them as part of your weekly plan. Check out my recommended Twitter conversations for social media and marketing if you’re stuck.

It’s Fantastic for Support Staff

In the past, calling a firm for assistance meant going through a series of computerised menus and waiting on hold before someone picked up the line. If we need a rapid answer to a problem, we now turn to social media. Furthermore, what’s the preferred social networking site? Indeed, it’s Twitter.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see a company’s customer service department on Twitter, complete with a staff member standing by to answer any queries you might have. Twitter should be incorporated into your social media plan if your business receives a high volume of customer care enquiries. If you need help getting started with utilising Twitter for customer support, I’ve published a piece on it.

And it’s simple to keep an eye on the latest trends, your neighbourhood, and other related metrics.

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search, you may quickly locate relevant topics and individuals to join. Check out what your rivals are up to and what their audience is saying about them, or utilise it to increase your own engagement by viewing what others are talking about. Even better, a simple search can show you the current trending issues in your business, which you can use to spark ideas for blog posts.

Keywords, phrases, hashtags, etc., may all be searched for with the use of Advanced Search. You have a great deal of say over the tweets that are returned by a search, making it easier to zero down on just the information you need. You can learn a lot from social listening and should include it into your social media strategy.