The Instagram Follower Game: A Playbook For Building Your Audience And Cultivating Your Influence

Many Instagram users, including companies and influencers, want to amass 10,000 followers. After all, after you get 10,000 followers, you’ll unlock the ability to use the secret swipe up function in your stories, giving you complete control over the URLs your audience is sent to. However, getting those followers might be difficult.

Develop a consistent, well-researched hashtag approach to build your following to 10,000 and beyond. Locate your target audience and start a conversation with them in their feeds. Keep an eye on your statistics to find out what kind of material is most popular with your audience so you can produce more of it.

Who knew in 2010 when Instagram was started that a Justin Bieber fan account might turn into a successful micro-influencer with over 10,000 followers? Yes, as @the.insideview’s Maddie Green can attest, anything is possible.

When did you first join Instagram? How many people are following you now?

Wow, such a drawn-out tale! I think I got Instagram the day it came out in 2010, at the earliest. My original account was a “Justin Bieber fan account” I made for kicks. I’d put up celebrity-related “contests” and “quizzes” every day‚Ķ. As a young person, I found great joy in participating in online social communities. This account, which still has over 20,000 of my followers, has become my main social media presence. My own personal blog became up in May of 2017.

Tell me about your journey to where you are today on Instagram.

My enthusiasm and aptitude for numbers and trends have always been strengths of mine. With about an hour a day of work in 2012, I expanded many Facebook pages to more than 200,000 likes. Since I was 12 years old, I’ve wanted to turn my unique ability into my own personal brand.

I made an investment in a growth course by the name of Mastery By Mal in February of 2019 and picked up some information I hadn’t found elsewhere. Both of these methods, as well as several that I came up with on my own, have been put to use by me. Ten minutes a day is all I can commit to boosting my balance. Currently, I have 11,000 people who follow me.

How did you become an online influencer/blogger? What are some of your preferred brands to collaborate with?

This is a very entertaining tale. We were on our way to the Grand Canyon from our hotel in Phoenix. There was always a great tale behind the images we took together. I hoped that by writing this, others may benefit from hearing my perspective and experience.

To make a long tale short, I made a new Instagram account just for this purpose. After observing this for a while, I started thinking, “wow, I want to do that” when I saw other influencers sharing with clothes labels. I looked at who they were working with and contacted them to find out who to talk to about potential partnerships. After a year, companies are actively seeking me out via email to collaborate, rather than the other way around.

Local Denver shops, events, and spas are my favourite places to work. These are the best because they provide me the freedom to express myself freely, on my own time, and in my own terms. The Princess Polly Boutique, USANA, and Lululemon corporations have been my most cherished ones to date.

How do you plan to increase your Instagram following and revenue in the future?

So many plans for the future! My plan is to launch a boutique internet shop in the near future. One of my lifelong dreams is to start my own company so that I may continue to pursue my passion of collaborating with other companies.

Maddie is a perfect example of how you can rapidly expand your Instagram following without devoting a tonne of work to the process. As a senior in college juggling several commitments, she has learnt to prioritise her work and only promote products she truly believes in. Maddie claims that working with regional businesses allows her to be herself more fully.