A Comprehensive Guide To TikTok Algorithm In 2023

March 18, 2023 by No Comments

TikTok is a useful software for companies who wish to expand their audience by distributing short videos, because of the platform’s high engagement and growth potential.

Why 2023 is the Year for Companies to Join TikTok?

Let’s not sugarcoat this. It takes a lot of effort to develop an all-encompassing plan for each social media channel, keep track of the outcomes, and continuously improve performance. Yet, companies have been slow to integrate TikTok into their social media strategies.

Whether this is due to internal bandwidth constraints, TikTok’s reputation as a “Gen Z” app, or simply the fact that no one in the office wants to be the star of their own video, the app’s potential is undeniable.

First, take a look at the most important TikTok data for businesses:

  • There are currently 1 billion active users on TikTok every single month.
  • TikTok has been downloaded a total of 3 billion times, making it the app with the highest number of installs among all categories for the first six months of 2021 (excluding games), with 383 million downloads from January through June.
  • TikTok has outpaced the competition and has risen to the number seven spot among social media apps in 2021. It’s remarkable that despite being created only in 2016, it already has more monthly active users than Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit combined.
  • TikTok has the highest engagement rate of any social media platform, and its users spend an average of 10.85 minutes per session there. It took 2.506% longer than on Pinterest, which was in second place.
  • TikTok’s user base increased by 1157.76% globally and by 787.86% in the United States.
  • The number of followers an influencer has on TikTok determines how much money they can make. An influencer with 100 million followers might make $5 million a year. The most-viewed types of influencer content include those related to fashion, health, dancing, pranks, and comedy.

This popular and quickly expanding social networking app has a cutting-edge algorithm that lets you expand your audience based on how people engage with your posts.

TikTok stands out from the crowd because of the strong sense of community it fosters among its users. Every user has a place to belong in one of TikTok’s many specialised communities, and as the app grows, new groups form all the time.

The hashtags #BusinessTok and #BrandTok are great places to start using TikTok. Marketers, company owners, and entrepreneurs can find helpful advice, first-hand accounts, and live broadcasts of networking events from these specialised communities.

The Unparalleled Buying Process on TikTok

TikTok revolutionises the ways in which businesses communicate with their customers, motivate sales, and achieve success. The platform has commissioned a worldwide survey to investigate users’ opinions of TikTok at every stage of the shopping process. Look what they unearthed:

Compared to users of competing sites, TikTok users are 1.5 times more likely to make an immediate purchase of an item they discovered on the network.
When compared to other social media sites, the odds of finding a new product on TikTok are 1.7% higher.
Users who identify as TikTokers are more than twice as likely as other users to conduct additional research on businesses and goods they discover on the platform.

A product purchase is associated with a 2.4-fold increase in the likelihood that a TikTok user will make a post about the purchase and use a brand hashtag.
In comparison to users of other platforms, TikTok users are over twice as likely to remark on or direct message a brand after making a purchase.
Successful brands on TikTok aren’t only pushing items and making content when they need to make a sale. Instead, by using a TikTok scheduling tool and emphasising the brand’s function as an entertainment maker, they establish themselves as a reliable presence. Successful businesses utilise a TikTok Business Account to establish a presence on the network, develop a distinct brand voice, and connect with users.

TikTok’s Algorithm in 2023: An Explanation

TikTok’s algorithm takes time spent watching a video as a ranking signal. The more a viewer sees a video, the more likely it is to be recommended to their stream.
habits. TikTok tracks the genres and subcultures from which you view videos. Your viewing habits will be used to recommend videos you might enjoy.

Pricipal Elements of the TikTok Algorithm:

  • Based on your activity in the Explore tab, video information signals are generated (i.e., captions, sounds, hashtags).
  • As was previously indicated, a user’s content preferences and activity within the app have an impact on the TikTok algorithm.
  • Although device and account settings don’t have a huge impact on the TikTok algorithm, it’s nevertheless important to specify them. TikTok takes into account a user’s preferences (such as language, country, and device kind) in order to serve them the most relevant material.

Is There Any Kind of Interaction That Doesn’t Matter to the TikTok Algorithm?

In order to rank videos for your feed, the TikTok algorithm takes into account a number of factors, some of which we discussed above. Yet, what do you think are the least vital measures of participation?

Read material
Similar material
Warning: some distressing material (TikTok provides examples of “legal consumption of regulated goods”)
Material that is suspected to be spam
Further, the most excellent news of all is… In the case of new users or TikTokers with a small following, the TikTok algorithm does not consider the number of followers when determining a user’s popularity. This implies that even modest accounts can have a significant impact.

Final Thoughts

Brands may better engage, educate, and retain their TikTok audience by adapting their marketing to reflect the most recent platform developments. Confused about where to begin? Your bases are covered by us! You may find out what’s now popular on TikTok, what people are thinking about in your industry, and what’s trending in general by using the Trend Discovery Tool.
Businesses can greatly benefit from the app’s viral nature by integrating it into their digital marketing strategies.