TikTok Learning: How To Utilize TikTok In Your Classroom

Whether you think TikTok is useful for learning is likely to be determined by your age level and subject area, as well as your perspective.

Teaching with hip-hop, teaching with video games may be ‘controversial,’ but so is teaching with what appears to be a digital, superficial distraction.

Is it possible to use TikTok in school?

So, why should you think about adopting TikTok for learning?

For beginners, they have a campaign called “The Joy Of Learning,” which explains, “The joy of TikTok learning is that the content creatively delivers takeaways and instructional tips, teaching something important and driving viewers to hunt out more knowledge in a fun and engaging way.” Unique science experiments, valuable life hacks, easy DIY projects, clever math tricks, and inspiring messages and advice have piqued our community’s interest. We’re continuing to develop partnerships and creators that support this content type on the platform.”

Is it OK for teachers to use TikTok?

It’s all about the curating quality, just as on YouTube. These videos are quick to make and empower content creators–at least those willing to effort.

YouTube is an excellent teaching source, and TikTok is a perfect micro-video platform. Here are the seven ways to incorporate TikTok into your teaching (for homeschooling too).

1. Encourage students to make their channel.

My favorite suggestion is to have kids develop a “channel” and content for it (they aren’t in any particular order). Choose a theme with them, either from a checklist you establish or have them propose ideas to you, settle on a basic video structure, check the effectiveness of what they produce initially, and make improvements as needed.

They could also recap crucial insights from your classroom in video format or answer exit slips each day.

2. Provide mini-lessons

For instance, @Iamthatenglishteacher, which has millions of followers, utilizes it to teach grammar.

It could also be used as a brief refresher of each day’s lesson for missing individuals or at home for review.

3. Students Collaborating Asynchronously

PBL, Call and response, homework assistance, short ‘explainer’ clips to explain work/topics together, and more activities are available. A video platform can help if students need to collaborate in some way through asynchronous learning.

4. Project-Based Learning with TikTok

Classrooms with project-based and video learning could be a combination made in educational heaven–or at the very least #edtech paradise.

Apps like TikTok can assist students in identifying project ideas, collaborating during the process of learning, document that process, and curate and share any project deliverables or outcomes.

PBL is a concept that emphasizes real-world skills, which in today’s digital age includes technological proficiency. Video has the potential to take center stage in today’s classroom by allowing students to document, analyze, and present what they’ve learned in the same way they would in an office. TikTok, in particular, is simple to use and draws on students’ technical and creative abilities. Every student can grow sufficiently with TikTok learning when they buy likes on TikTok for their project or creative videos. Thus their unique projects or experiments find more eyeballs and bring them more popularity across the world. It’s built for constant involvement (for better or worse), which makes it a potent learning tool in and of itself.

5. Put TikTok to Good Use

TikTok intends to “inspire and motivate a fresh era to have a meaningful impact on the earth and those around them” by using TikTok for Goodness, according to their website. Check out some of the ways TikTok has helped organizations build their audiences, engage supporters, and increase awareness for specific causes.

6. Look into Specific Subjects

Students can use hashtags to search for specific topics under ‘Discover.’ Alternatively, for ‘quality control,’ you might establish your hashtag and organize a collection yourself.

     Trending Hashtags On TikTok

#edutok, #creativity, #learnontiktok, #bucketlist, #creativityforgood, #edutokxcampus, #tiktokart, #mathematics, #poetry, #tiktokphotography, #tiktokpoetry, and #createkindness are some of the trending TikTok hashtags for learning. 

8. Instructional Videos(How-To Content)

TikTok is ideal for short, how-to films, whether individuals are watching or creating them, because of its simple video editor (it’s virtually straightforward).

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