5 Surefire Tips To Get More Likes For your TikTok Videos

With increasing competition on TikTok, it’s more difficult to gain more followers, likes, and views on your videos. If your video content is unique, but you haven’t gotten more engagement than you have seen before, it would not help gain more views and likes in the short and long term. 

TikTok is based on an algorithm that determines how many viewers will see the post. The basic key to increasing more views and likes is understanding how the algorithm works and the posts to fit into it. There are several ways one can even buy likes for TikTok videos and boost engagement. 

Let’s see the ways to get more likes on TikTok!

1. Use Effective Hashtags

Adding hashtags help to explore your content with a lot of audiences that you haven’t known or discovered before. Hence, selecting the perfect hashtag is a durable task to do. Before adding the hashtags, you should do some relevant research for your content and know which hashtag will suit you. For instance, if you are making a popular lip-syncing challenge, you have to use the most trending hashtag.

2. Produce High-Quality Videos

If you want to make high-quality videos, you should invest in the proper equipment. It helps to produce the best quality videos for Tiktok. The basic things to have the best camera, lighting, background, and high-quality video editing software. 

  • Best Camera – If you are making videos using a smartphone, we would suggest quality phones such as the iPhone. 
  • Best Background– It is entirely up to you which kind of background that you want to select. Use an aesthetic background that viewers might find soothing and appealing. 

Here we would suggest some kind of software such as VivaVideo, Adobe Premiere Pro, Inshot. These are all available in the playstore to edit your videos. 

3. Collaborate with Other Influencers

One of the important ways to increase your engagement is to co-work with others. It’s an important factor to create a million followers to your TikTok account. You can compare audiences who have single-handedly made videos and viewers who are watching videos with their teams. These terms are increasing your follower’s count and growing up together. 

Generally, creators working with each other give some important mentions of their names in their individual accounts before posting the videos, and this way helps to find out your content. Hereby, you will get more audience to improve your account. 

Pro Tip: Increasing a team member of the opposite gender will help in increasing likes, views, and followers at a wider pace.

4. Sharing Content on other platforms

After posting your content on TikTok, you can share your videos on other social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and more. It should be posted on other social media platforms you are active. Add your TikTok link on your Instagram’s bio, which helps get more followers to visit your TikTok profile.

Do not forget to share it on Facebook and Pinterest. You may be thinking why we are asking to share it on Pinterest – well. TikTok videos go viral on Pinterest, and you can get more TikTok likes from there as well. It is one of the ways to share these videos on other social media platforms.

Final Words:

If you mentioned the above tips, then do keep coming back to us for more such content! We would like to see you as the best influencer on TikTok. So, please read the blog carefully and implement them into your following videos.

                              “Do smart work more than hard work.”


7 Ways To Promote Your IGTV Videos To Boost Engagement And Followers

IGTV is one of the newest Instagram features, and it can be accessed in both standalone and Instagram apps. IGTV is a long-form vertical video that allows regular users to upload 10 minutes videos, and verified accounts on Instagram can post up to 1 hour-long video. IGTV is similar to YouTube that helps you to boost your engagement and followers to your channel. Recently Instagram added horizontal video format on the platform. But still, many users select the vertical format for viewer convenience.  

Creating content on IGTV helps you to reach your target audience, increase engagement and followers. The engagement rate on Instagram is calculated by the number of likes, views, and comments you receive for your video. Buy Instagram TV likes to increase your video likes count instantly. Here are a few things to consider if you want to promote your IGTV video on the platform. 

1. Check Analytics

When you upload new content on your channel, don’t forget to check your analytics because analytics are your best friend when it comes to IGTV. Check your analytics closely and experiment with your video format, length, and subject matter until you find the perfect formula. Checking analytics regularly will help you to make content based on your audience’s interest. It makes your audience visit your channel again and again. 

2. Video Length And Format

If you want to keep your audience engaged, then you need to go for long videos. According to the research, long videos can get more engagement than other regular videos on Instagram. Also, creating long videos makes your audience connect with your channel for a long time. As we discussed above, users can upload both horizontal and vertical videos on IGTV. Maintain the same format for posting videos because it is also one of the main things for boosting your followers and engagement. 

3. Create Quality Content 

Creating compelling content is the main thing to rule the platform. Also, it helps you to boost your video engagement and gain more followers to your account. There are many different content formats available on the platform. You can share exclusive content, behind the scene videos, and make tutorial videos to educate your followers. The more quality content you create, the more people like to watch your videos. 

4. Make Series

Video series is one of the most Instagram rollouts that allows brands and markets to place their videos into categories. Creating a series makes your audience come back to your channel regularly. Because series videos will create excitement with your audience, and it will make your audience come to your channel. Create entertaining Series to engage your audience and receive more likes and views for your IGTV channel. 

5. Use Your Video Description

Add hashtags in your video description because it helps you to win the Instagram algorithm. As like regular Instagram posts IGTV allows you to add hashtags to your description. We all know that hashtags have the power to increase engagement and find new audiences to your account. Select one of your videos and insert the link in your description and encourage your audience to see those videos to boost engagement for your videos.

6. Explore Page

Use the explore page to discover top trending content on Instagram. Everyone likes to watch currently trending content. To keep your audience engaged, create popular content to retain your audience. If you are not sharing trending content, people will don’t like to follow your channel, and they decide to follow another account that posts trending content. 

7. Brands Use Instagram Reels

There are a lot of ways to promote your brand via videos. These are,

  • Create your reels channel and upload videos into their channel
  • You can work with influencers to reach out your brand. 

If you want to instant brand reach, you will buy Instagram reels views for your reels videos. Getting high views helps you to gain more audience and more engagement. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to boost your video engagement and followers on Instagram, choose IGTV to reach your goals. So it is a great time to create compelling content and get more likes and views for your videos and boost your engagement rate on Instagram.